Providing clinician led triage and consultations

Working with primary care networks, practices, community and mental health services nationwide. Supporting your practice to help lessen the load and provide improved acces and support.

Path First Triage service offering

Our service provides a triage and first contact consultation service for electronic requests. Our aim is to complete as many contacts as possible to reduce the workload on practices. However, we are not a tech company, we provide clinicians offering personal patient contact. Our service can be expanded to assist with other ‘on the day’ demand for practices.

Our core team consists of experienced Physician Associates supporting each other and supervised by our GP’s. This team can be supplemented with physiotherapists, nurses, paramedics, mental health workers and other clinicians to ensure local demand is managed appropriately.

How does it work?

Practices inform our team of all electronic consultations which have been received and have been identified as requiring clinical review. The practice retains control over all administrative requests and we can work with them to agree which clinical matters they would like to send to our team.

Our team will dial into the practice’s system using log-ins provided by either the practice or the PCN. They will undertake an initial process of identifying any matters that appear to be more urgent which may have slipped through your electronic consultation provider’s systems.

They will work through the list by undertaking virtual appointments, telephone appointments and/or a review on the patient’s records.

These will result in four broad outcomes:


Resolution of the matter with the patient provided with appropriate advice and guidance;


Referral to the registered GP for a scheduled appointment at a later date depending on the urgency of the requirement;


Referral to other practice member teams e.g. nurse appointments; or


Referral to third parties which will reflect local services available to the practice

We will work with the participating practices to agree how each of these outcomes is managed in practice including the practical steps of arranging prescriptions, blood requests, referrals and such other physical interventions which may be required.

About Us

We are the first UK-based recruitment company dedicated to supporting the careers and potential of physician associates (PA) in the NHS.


National Recruitment

Supporting qualified British PAs and student PAs to find the perfect role for their new skills.


Consultancy services

Supporting healthcare trusts and independent providers looking to introduce PAs into their workforce and develop new clinical strategies.


International recruitment

Supporting experienced and qualified PAs from America and Canada to join a healthcare system that is the envy of the world at a truly transformational time.

Quality Assurance

During the implementation process we will undertake frequent clinical audits including patient record reviews to ensure the quality of the service and to ensure that the service is embedding well with the practice’s team.
This will transition to a fixed regular audit which will accompany contract service reviews and reports against agreed key performance indicators.

Benefits to Practices

Our service has been designed to increase capacity within practices by managing the demand from electronic consultation services. This has the dual affect of freeing space within your practice and allowing the rest of the practice team to focus on those people who need face to face appointments.

Due to the virtual nature of the service sessions can be provided out of hours to help meet extended access and improved access requirements whilst the team of Physician Associates can utilise Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme funding. This ensures that the team can help practices and PCNs secure multiple revenue streams.

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